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Artisit Statement

In my piece I used some symbolism. A lot of it is French and Paris oriented. The picture of the Café is one that was taken in Paris. I also used a picture of the Eiffel tower. I also then made a sign using illustrator which is supposed to be the sign to a Paris Boutique. Also I once saw a French postcard that had borders similar to mine so I got my inspiration from that.

The meaning of my piece revolves around my number one passion. I love everything that has to do with fashion, and Paris is the Fashion Capital of the world! I think my illustration of the girl is a girl who expresses fashion and flair. I really like this drawing I had created and I thought it would fit in well with a Paris theme, and I would be able to create something that involved my passion. After I discovered my love for fashion I also developed this love for Paris because it is the fashion capital. My dream is one day be working for a company as a merchandiser and take many trips to Paris to purchase clothes. I am glad that I was able to incorporate my passion and my future dreams in this piece.

The way I created my piece was using Photoshop and Illustrator. I First started out finding stock photos of things that reminded me of Paris. I then put those together using Photoshop. After I had that done I then used Illustrator to create the Paris Dress Boutique sign and the girl. I then saved those as pdf files and then incorporated them into the piece. I also used Photoshop and the text tool to create the cursive writings of a bunch of French designers. I used Photoshop to create the borders using the rectangle and ellipse tool. I also used the Gradient tool to add the tan-ish gradient to the background of my piece. I also used things like the feather tool and the opacity tool to create a better look for my piece.

Overall I really enjoyed this piece. I like the freedom of choosing your own project and taking your own path. I was really glad that I was able to involve my passion in this project because with some of the other projects I was not able to do that as much. I like using Photoshop and Illustrator in order to make my piece look better. I really liked how my piece turned out and I am very pleased with the overall look.

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The artist’s whose work I chose to use is Georgia O’Keeffe. I chose to use her work because when I first saw it caught my eye and I really liked it all of her pieces. I especially liked the flower pieces she has done and I thought they were really pretty. I think my artist’s subjects are often found in nature such as flowers, trees, barn houses, hills, lakes, skies, etc. I feel most of her pieces are painted with simple brush strokes. Most of her pieces are composed with earthy, natural colors, which add to the depth of her nature pieces. She also often uses contrast colors which also add great depth to her pieces and it helps to grab your attention and direct to one certain part of the piece.

My piece looks very much like nature. There is a large red poppy flower in the top and middle section of the piece. The top right corner has a leaf that I added a filter to so that it looks like it was colored on my piece with a color pencil. The flower then blends downward into a sunflower which I also added an artistic filter to make the colors of it look darker to blend with the piece as a whole better. To the left of the flower and for the most part of the middle of my piece, I used the painting of O’Keeffe’s that looks to be an old country home. I also added a filter to this which changed the colors to browns and oranges which I thought looked really cool and blended well with the rest of the piece. The very far left of my piece, from top to bottom, contains the piece of O’Keeffe’s which is the skull of a bull with flowers on it.

I think my piece shows O’Keeffe’s keen eye for the beauty in nature and clearly portrays her love to create beautiful painting of things found in nature. I also tried to stick to using earthy, natural colors which I felt O’Keeffe would have used if she was creating the piece. I tried to keep the piece simple yet eye catching which I felt O’Keeffe usually does with her pieces. The choices I made for the artwork I chose to use in my piece were pretty simple. I looked for ones that would fit well together or look good together. I also looked for ones that I found visually appealing.

I used the computer to help create the piece in many different ways. I used the blending and feathering tool to create the layering and blended feel of my piece. I also used the transparency level to create depth to the piece. I also used many different filters to make the piece look more unique, make certain things stand out, and make it blend well altogether.

I think my piece came together pretty well. I feel it looks unified and it expresses O’Keeffe’s artistic characteristics. Some difficulties I had were just trying to find pieces I liked that I though would work well together to make the piece look better. To solve that problem I just stuck with it and researched until I really found a good piece that I felt would work. Next time I might do more research ahead of time instead of doing the research and creating the project all at once.

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Artist Statment

Vector Self Portrait
My piece is composed of pinks, browns, and greens. There is a dark brown border and a background of pink. The background has four centered boxes outlined in a lighter brown with backgrounds of pink. At the bottom top left and top right I have tan vine looking strokes with green flower shapes coming off the vines. The vine on the bottom goes straight across the page, the vine at the top left goes diagonally up off the page, and the vine at the top right starts from the top of the page and hangs down halfway through the square. Then I of course have the central part of my piece, the face. Most of the face, or head, is located in the top right square. The hair extends out the top, bottom, left and right of the box. The hair is composed of many different brush strokes that start out thick and get thin, and fray, at the end like real hair does. The line to outline the side of the face starts below the hair and extends through the top square into the bottom square. Below the top of the hair is the eyebrow which is just a different type of stroke. Below the eyebrow is a very cool unique looking eye. It is a very fun looking eye, most of it is brown except for the pupil of the eye which is green, and below the eye there are some light freckles. To the right of left of the eye is the nose. The nose is also a flat type of stroke and the nose also has some freckles on it. The mouth is located in the bottom right box, it is also composed of flat brown strokes and is filled with a light pink/peach color.

I do not exactly have a specific reason for depicting myself in the position that I am in. I am not exactly in a position, It I just half of my face depicted in a unique way. I guess I decided to use half of my face because I think it is kind of mysterious and cute in a way. I often like some mystery to a person, not always knowing them straight forwardly and searing to find some sort of answers. I also think I used the simple brush strokes to create this piece because it describes my personality, simple but fun at the same time.
I think I used the browns, pinks, and greens because I really like those colors and I love how the look together. I think the color affects my piece by giving it a softer, natural kind of look. I also think the hints of the pinkish/peach in the lips an the green of the eye also had a fun unique touch to the piece. I think the colors show emotional expression in a way which expresses a laid back, soft, quiet kind of emotion and personality.

The thing I like best about my piece is the actual depiction of the face. I really like the eye because I think it is the most interesting part of the piece. I also like the freckles because I think they are cute and they represent my abundant amount of freckles. The thing I like least about my piece are the flower looking objects that come off of my vines, I like them however I feel maybe a different type of flower might have looked better.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and I am very pleased with they way everything came together nicely, and the over all finished look of the piece.

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Ex Libris
I am very pleased with how my Ex Libris turned out. For my piece I used Art Deco for my inspiration. I think that the rounded edges of the squares, the smooth curves of the stems, and the smooth curves of the pedals of the flowers all show the use of Art Deco. I also think Art Deco shows because all the squares are symmetrical in the piece.
My piece reminds me of something old and worn, but new and fun at the same time.

The background of my piece is a cool blue-grey color. Then the next layer contains different sized squares in brown. There is a long brown rectangle that goes from top to bottom of the left side of the piece. There are two small brown squares at the top left and bottom left. There are two medium sized brown rectangles to the right of each of the small squares. In the middle of the small squares (vertically) there is another medium sized brown square. In the middle of all of those squares there a two big squares that are also brown. The long brown rectangle that is located to the left of the piece also contains are large flower. The flower’s pedals are blue-gray and the inside circle of the flower is white. My initials are located right under this flower in the same blue-gray color as the flower. At the bottom of the long rectangle are the words Ex Libris. There are also four more flowers in my piece. These flowers have white pedals outlined in blue-gray, and the middle circle is blue-gray. The flowers are all located in a different brown square and have a stem that starts in a brown square and branches off to two different squares.

I really liked this project overall. I thought it was interesting and fun how we got to go research the background of Art Deco and Art Nouveau. It was interesting to learn the history behind each of them, and it was fun to look at examples of each. I thought it was interesting to see how both Art Deco and Art Nouveau are used to design many other things other than paintings or drawings, they are also used in architecture which I thought was very neat. I had a lot of fun working on this project and I am very pleased with the overall look and feel of my piece.


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